Practicing Gratitude

Let’s go beyond an “attitude of gratitude” into *practicing* gratitude. Especially for those of us who have struggled with addiction, practicing gratitude for our progress helps us grow toward greater freedom!

The Comparison Trap

This #FreedomFriday explores the dangers of the comparison trap… and a solid strategy to avoid it! Less comparison = more contentment.

Human Doing… or Human Being?

If busy-ness ever gets the best of you, take a 5 minute encouragement break! Maybe we need to *do* a little less and just *be* a little more…

Using Tools to Find Freedom

If you or a loved one are struggling, this #FreedomFriday is especially for you. We need to use a variety of tools to find freedom! Any good toolbox has more than just a hammer, right?

Overcoming the Inner Critic

Don’t let your inner critic hold you back. This famous inspirational quote will encourage you to step out in faith! Be bold. Be brave. Be free!!!

What’s Stuck in Your Head?

This #FreedomFriday gives a universal human experience a spiritual application that can help transform your thought life. And that’s where it all begins!

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