This Too Shall Pass

Have you ever had “one of those days?” Yep, me too. This #FreedomFriday is for you, my friend!

Scheduling Fun!

We all need re-creation in our lives… it’s renewing, refreshing & revitalizing. Take a quick fun break & recharge your batteries!

Practicing Gratitude

Let’s go beyond an “attitude of gratitude” into *practicing* gratitude. Especially for those of us who have struggled with addiction, practicing gratitude for our progress helps us grow toward greater freedom!

The Comparison Trap

This #FreedomFriday explores the dangers of the comparison trap… and a solid strategy to avoid it! Less comparison = more contentment.

Human Doing… or Human Being?

If busy-ness ever gets the best of you, take a 5 minute encouragement break! Maybe we need to *do* a little less and just *be* a little more…

Using Tools to Find Freedom

If you or a loved one are struggling, this #FreedomFriday is especially for you. We need to use a variety of tools to find freedom! Any good toolbox has more than just a hammer, right?

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