Need Advice? Don’t Forget to Ask God

  • Posted by: Lauren Roman

Today I realized that when I need advice, I usually jump straight to my human sources and forget to ask God! Fortunately, this realization came because I found myself in a quandary and did stop to ask God… with quite wonderful results. So my next realization was to recognize this important teachable moment! And write about it to hopefully help someone else out there… and help my future self remember the lesson, too!

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Quandary – a terrific opportunity arose… that conflicted with a prior commitment.

2. Head spin – trying to figure out how to make it work to do both… concerned that I’d end up upsetting people &/or mess up both things in the process. My head was spinning & I was getting no closer to an answer.

3. Need advice – immediately thought of who to call to help me solve the puzzle & not upset anyone.

4. Lightbulb – hey, maybe instead of calling that person, I should ask God to give me discernment about how best to handle the situation!

5. Deep breath – hit the pause button, took a deep breath, asked God, and felt the answer in my heart.

6. Resolution – I made the call God told me to (instead of making the call referenced in #3 above). The issue was resolved in less than 5 minutes, with everyone happy and the best possible result!

7. Gratitude – I realized situations that look like potential problems to my perfectionist (read: worry-wart) self are actually nothing to stress about! If I take them to God & ask for his help, instead of rushing to get someone’s advice (read: seal of approval) and spring into action, he’ll give me perfect advice. And I may even end up with the desired result, with very little effort on my part!

Now, will it always be a neat little 7-step process, with the desired results tied up in a neat bow? Of course not! But I can be 100% certain that turning to God and asking for his help will get better results than me trying to figure out a problem on my own. This is true 100% of the time. Also, human advisors should come after God when I’m seeking advice to solve a problem… sometimes, they may not even be necessary!

So, next time I’m in a quandary, rather than turning inward & ending up with my head spinning, or turning outward & seeking the advice (read: sanction) of a trusted human… I will first turn to my Heavenly Father. He loves me perfectly, and he always knows and wants what’s best for me.

Fortunately I don’t have an exclusive on this system – it will work just as well for you! Next time you need advice, don’t forget to ask God. You’ll be glad you did!

Author: Lauren Roman

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