A voice of hope and redemption…

As a pastor, I experienced a special move of God among our congregation when Lauren spoke at our church. Her ability to be transparent, authentic and compassionate allows her to reach into the hearts of her listeners and bring them to a place of change and transformation. In this day of the brokenhearted, we need a voice of hope and redemption; I believe Lauren’s story leads to this well of refreshing waters.”

Pastor Ray McKelvy
The Nations Church - TN

The absolute best speaker we’ve ever had!

“Lauren Roman, former daytime actress from All My Children, did our event last night. In 16 years of doing this, I can say she was the absolute best speaker we have ever had! Lauren is humorous, passionate, humble…not only does she have an inspiring abortion recovery testimony, but she truly ties your mission/vision into her presentation. She was a breath of fresh air and a true blessing to me personally and to our event!”

Dee Spruce
Edenton, NC

Relevant and impactful!

​“We were blessed to have Lauren speak at our event for teen girls. Her story is powerful and very applicable to what many of them face. Lauren used not only her personal testimony, but also excellent visual demonstrations to connect with the girls about purity, choices, and identity in Christ. The whole presentation was relevant and impactful!”

Ivy CdeBaca
Moses Lake, WA

Moving presentation and compelling appeal…

“Lauren spent so much time getting to know us, and it showed in her moving presentation and compelling appeal. Banquet guests were touched by her personal story and song, her humor and transparency – and she tied everything into the work of our center so effectively, THEY ALL CAUGHT THE VISION! This banquet raised nearly triple the total of any previous year!”

Jessica McRee-Grabert
Kingsland, TX

Very powerful for our high school girls…

“Lauren’s message about self-identity and purity was very powerful for our high school girls. The song and poem she shared captivated their hearts – not only did they listen, they engaged with her in Q&A and 1-1 conversations, well into the night! Her genuine care for them was obvious. Lauren’s ability to communicate to women of all ages is spectacular. She recently keynoted our very first Mother/Daughter retreat and was fantastic. We’re looking forward to partnering for many years to come!”

Thomas Rose
Barefoot Republic Camp - KY

Just what I needed!

“Powerful Presentation. Just what I needed! Lauren was so real and approachable. I’m leaving this feeling equipped to face my fears head-on, knowing Jesus will catch me!”

Carol Fairman
Monroe, GA

A gifted speaker and delightful presence…

“Lauren is a gifted speaker and delightful presence, a truth-teller and credible witness to the transforming grace of the Gospel. She shines with joy in her freedom and a peace-filled confidence that comes from knowing God is her strength. Lauren’s obvious love for people kept her interacting with our women and others-focused on and off the stage. She’s a humble and effective servant with a powerful message of God’s love and saving grace found in Christ Jesus alone.”

Pastor Zoe L. Hafner
Heritage Christian Church - OH

Lauren was an ally throughout the process…

“As a first time Executive Director of a newly opened Clinic, having Lauren Roman keynote our fundraising banquet was the perfect choice. Our ministry benefited from her experience, passion and professionalism – and for me personally, Lauren was an ally throughout the process. She shared “best practices” that positioned us for success. Lauren’s personal story and compelling explanation of our work motivated attendees to invest. Her carefully crafted appeal touched hearts in a big way – we more than doubled our income over last year’s event!”

Katie Vidmar
Dickinson, ND

We all left the weekend inspired…

“I connected with Lauren from the first time we met. She is authentic and endearing. I was thrilled to have her speak for our annual women’s retreat! Through Lauren’s testimony, transparency, and wisdom from the Word, she drew us to the throne of God, and encouraged and challenged us. From her dynamic speaking, to her beautiful poetry and music, we all left the weekend inspired, to say the least.”

Sara Stegall
Providence Baptist Church - TN

Her phenomenal ask proved very effective…

“Lauren was a delight to work with. Her attention to our center, our strategic plans and our staff was impeccable. She was so well-prepared to represent us in a compelling way, sharing her own testimony and connecting it to our ministry. She did a phenomenal ask that proved to be very effective.”

Sheri Schmitz
Anchorage, AK

An ideal keynote for our luncheon…

“Lauren Roman was an ideal keynote for our women’s luncheon. She has a unique way of connecting with ladies on such a deep level. We’ve received much positive feedback from attendees! We really appreciated how Lauren worked with us in advance to get to know our group, and tailored her message and music to our needs. I highly recommend Lauren as a speaker for women’s ministry events!”

Pegi Deeter
Columbus, OH

Lauren was amazing in every way!

“Lauren was one of the most effective speakers we’ve ever had! Our banquet this year brought in more funds than ever before in our history – Lauren’s attention to detail, moving testimony, and excellent singing contributed to that. What sets Lauren apart is her personal approach to the event. She contacted us multiple times about our goals and medical expansion project, truly desiring to understand our needs. Lauren was amazing in every way!”

Rachel Holdaway
Ogden, UT

Lauren connects with the hearts of women…

“There is a good reason we’ve had Lauren Roman as a keynote speaker, worship leader and/or workshop facilitator at many of our national conferences – she is a delight to work with! Lauren is able to speak about sensitive subjects with grace, compassion and confidence. No matter the size of the crowd (from 1 to 1,000), Lauren is able to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and connect with the hearts of women.”

Betty McDowell, LSW, LAS
Heartbeat International

People are still talking about it!

“We were very impressed with Lauren Roman. She spoke with clarity and purpose, weaving together her inspiring story, a beautiful song, application for our ladies, and backed it all up with Scripture. The event was very successful and all left feeling blessed. People are still talking about it!”

Amy Beth Presnell
Sardis Springs Baptist Church - AL

The most compelling appeal I’ve ever heard…

“It was an honor to have Lauren Roman at our gala. Not only is her story raw and inspiring, but her appeal in particular was the most compelling I’ve ever heard. This year was, without a doubt, the best we’ve done in fundraising. To top things off, Lauren was accessible and full of ideas to make our night a night to remember. Because of her, we had a wonderfully successful event. I highly recommend Lauren as a speaker!”

Angela Erickson
St. Michael, MN

I loved this!

“This was something I needed to hear so much! Praise God for Lauren and her ministry! I loved, loved, loved this!”

Workshop Attendee

Approachable, entertaining, funny, genuine…

“Lauren is one of those women that is very approachable, entertaining, funny, genuine and personable to all. She did such a great job for our retreat, we planned a brunch event for ages 12 and up so our teen girls could hear from her too. Lauren really connected with all of our ladies, from age 13 to 91!”

Raluca Whitenack
Providence Baptist Church - TN