The Adventure Continues (EPIC catch-up!)

The Adventure Continues (EPIC catch-up!)

  • Posted by: Lauren Roman

You & I are long overdue to catch up.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about being real, being messy, thinking out loud online, being transparent, really sharing my life with you. Since then, my life has been in a season that has made it challenging to just keep up, let alone keep you updated. And as the length of time since that post got longer, and looooonger, it got harder & harder to summon the nerve to make good on my commitment.

I mean hey, there I was, being all brave & everything, putting myself out there, woo-hoo! Then I did what… went & hid behind a bush? Well, not exactly… but that’s kind of how it felt. So, here I am, out of hiding & ready to tell you the real deal.

I like bullet points, so here goes:

  • Sept. – Nov. 2018 was my busiest speaking season ever. (Yay!!!) It involved a ton of travel, often with multiple engagements during a given trip & just 1-2 days between trips. So it was quite the challenging pace, and I loved it!!! It was amazing to see God working across the country & be part of raising over $1.4 million for Pregnancy Centers in 2018.
  • Sept. 2018: My parents evacuated from NC to my home in Nashville before Hurricane Florence hit. Per the forecasts, they had prepped the house for a category 4… no one anticipated the epic rain would be the real issue! The first floor of their beautiful house was badly flooded.
  • Sept. 2018: As soon as the water receded, my parents returned to start remediation. I headed into travel season, and their 2 dogs Annie & Ellie stayed at my house with Maggie & my bff/dog-sitter Renee.
  • Nov. 14: My travel season ends, and my parents arrive in Nashville. God has made a way for them to be able to leave their home in NC (long & detailed story, but suffice it to say, God is AMAZING & very creative!).
  • Nov. 15-16: We start looking at Nashville houses for sale.
  • Nov. 17: We find a terrific house that’s a great fit. We make an offer & have a contract that same night. (Did I mention God is amazing?!?!)
  • Dec. 21: We close on purchase of new home.
  • Dec. 22: Movers deliver the furniture & belongings that were salvaged after Florence.
  • Dec. 23: Christmas Eve Eve at my church… my parents have joined me for services many times over the 13+ years I’ve lived here… but this is their first time as Nashville residents!
  • Dec. 25: After we celebrate Christmas morning, my parents drive back to NC.
  • Dec. 28: They close on the sale of their house (to a builder/investor who’ll restore it & turn it into a beautiful home once again).
  • Dec. 29: My parents drive back to Nashville & we start moving them in.
  • Jan. 2019: I’ve been moving in a little at a time (seeing how my house is 10 minutes away, whereas theirs was a 10 hour drive).

Which brings us to a critical detail: my parents & I bought this house together. In fact, I’m sitting at my desk in my new office as I’m typing this! I love my new space!!! They have downstairs (a.k.a. the “old folks” first floor suite) & I have upstairs (a.k.a. “live-in tech support” housing). The 3-dog pack remains intact, which was a major motivation for getting a house together. Maggie & I got so used to Annie & Ellie being around since Florence, I basically told my parents I was holding the dogs hostage unless & until they moved to Nashville. (That threat worked out way better than I expected!)

We consolidate & save on living expenses; my house becomes a rental property; my parents dog-sit while I’m traveling months at a time for business; I dog-sit while they’re traveling weeks at a time for leisure; I can keep an eye on the senior citizens (and provide the previously mentioned tech support), and there’s a big bonus: after 23 years of living by myself, I no longer have to worry about an “I’ve fallen & I can’t get up” situation! Because I can definitely yell loud enough to reach downstairs… although, thanks to the Google Home units I installed, I shouldn’t even have to.

If you’re wondering (like my mom): no, I haven’t given up on marriage. I know a few married couples who’ve had an aging parent or parents move in with them… basically, I’m just taking that step first! (And I’ll still have my little house down the street, so that’s always an option for the newlyweds or the old folks, either way.) And if you’re wondering if I’m still offering a finder’s fee to whoever introduces me to my husband: yep, I still am.

This move to combine households is a Spirit-led leap of faith… so, naturally, my parents & I have family friends who think we’re crazy. Maybe you’re reading this thinking the same thing. I can see why someone on the outside would think that. But the inside perspective is very different.

In many conversations over the years, this is part of how I explain my relationship with my parents: “I’m still single, so I don’t have a spouse to be my ‘team’… my parents are my team.” Over the past 2+ years as I’ve pursued ministry full time, my team has become more important than ever. Their support makes my ministry better… it makes me better. And that benefits not only me, but also everyone God brings across my path, whether they’re in an audience hearing me speak, or messaging me to ask for help amid their recovery from an eating disorder, depression, or a past abortion. It’s all ministry. It’s all important. And I’m indescribably grateful to be a “professional encourager” who gets to do this full time.

Speaking of which, some cool stuff is in the pipeline, I’ll tell you more about that soon! But for now, at least you know what’s been going on the past several months. And if I owe you a reply to an email, message or text, I hope you’ll grant me some extra grace.

2019 is going to be an exciting year. My team is together. My dog pack is together. I don’t need to go to a gym because I’m getting so much exercise going up & down my new stairs. Life is good!!!

The adventure continues…

Author: Lauren Roman

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  • chris rash

    Lauren – nice to hear that things are going so well and that Bob and Ginger have joined you in Nashville. Good luck to all of you as you charge into 2019 and the many years ahead. We miss hearing from ya’ll and always hope our paths may cross again someday. Thank you for your work.

    • Lauren Roman

      Thank you for your kind words & encouragement, Chris! I’ll pass the well-wishes along to my parents. It would be great to reconnect with you & Joan!

  • Michelle Pearman

    Love your story and i think its pretty neat to have your parents live with you. Please let your mom know that I think of her often.

    • Lauren Roman

      Thanks Michelle! I think it’s pretty neat, too… glad I’m not the only one! 😉 I’ll pass along your hello to my mom. Hope all is well with you & your family!

  • John W

    Where’s my room?…lol. I’m glad to hear all has worked out. The path may be rough at times but blessings are always found. I’m glad I have one place to go to visit all of you now ????????. Love to all!!

    • Lauren Roman

      We always have room for you, brother!!! Guest room is on my floor, where the cool kids hang out. 😉 We’d love to have you visit!

  • Zita Jackson

    Lauren, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. What you’re doing for so many people is amazing, and the giving of your self so unselfishly speaks volumes for the person you are.

    So glad y’all are in one place now.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Love you and so proud of the good work you’re doing.❤️

    • Lauren Roman

      Well, you’re totally biased, but I’ll take the kind words nonetheless. 😉 Thanks for your encouragement, as always! Love you too!!!

  • Rick Little

    Thanks Lauren for sharing – that was great. So proud of how you are allowing God to use you and your testimony to give hope and encouragement to many. More than you’ll ever know until you get to heaven. Keep up the good work and the good fight. I believe the younger generation is beginning to turn away from abortion as you and others bring awareness and clarity to the issue.
    Love ya,